rye whiskey


80 Proof

Single Barrel. Heart Cut. Organic. Kosher 

KOVAL Rye, made with a unique mash bill of 100% organic rye grain, is a surprisingly fresh and light whiskey, with mellow and somewhat sweet notes of maple and candy corn, ending with a classically spicy finish. Works beautifully in classic cocktails such as a Manhattan, Sazerac or Scofflaw, where its grain-forward spiciness balances out the sweetness of other ingredients.

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“This is no ordinary rye, because it doesn’t come from an ordinary distillery. [...] Despite being 100% rye grain, this whiskey is fresh and light [...] with a maple-y, candy corn entry and a kiss of spice on the “finish.”
 — The Wall Street Journal

Featured in:
The Takeout
Paste Magazine
Gear Patrol
Wine Enthusiast (91pt. rating)

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