KOVAL controls every step of the spirit-making process: From milling the locally grown grain to distilling, barreling, and finally bottling.

KOVAL believes that the best spirits must come from the best ingredients. We source all of our grains from organic Midwestern farms, supporting the local economy and sustainable agriculture. All enzymes and yeast used in production are also non-GMO.
All of our products are distilled in our own facility, avoiding a common industry practice of purchasing pre-made spirits. Our water – an essential ingredient in distillation – is sourced from Lake Michigan using a natural charcoal purification method.
The Barrel Mill in Minnesota makes each American Oak barrel we use to age our whiskey. Using each barrel only once, every whiskey we age extracts the full range of flavor from the oak. Barrels are available for sale throughout the year. Contact us if you're interested in purchasing one.
Finally, we bottle our spirits. Every product we make is Certified Organic by Midwestern Organic Services Association (MOSA) and Certified Kosher through the Orthodox Union (OU).

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