As of March 2020, KOVAL has been producing alcohol-based sanitizer for first responders, community organizations, medical institutions, essential businesses, and the general public. 

Product Specification:
Ingredients as per WHO recommendation.
Ethanol, Water, Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide
Final product ABV: 80% 
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Sanitizer Orders

Option 1 - Bulk Sanitizer Order/Request Form 
Click here for 4+ gallon orders & donation requests
Pick up at 4241 N. Ravenswood Ave during your confirmed window. Delivery options also available.

- orders of 1 case (four 1 gallon jugs) or more
- orders that need to be shipped (pickup also available)
- donation requests, regardless of size 
(If you are requesting a donation, please tell us more about your organization in the notes!)

4241 pickup 2

Option 2 - Individual Sanitizer Orders

Click here for individual orders of 1-3 gallons through our KOVAL store
Pick up ONLY at 4241 N. Ravenswood Ave during your confirmed window. No delivery options at this time.

- orders of 1-3 gallons (pickup only)

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