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As of March 2020, KOVAL has been producing alcohol-based sanitizer for first responders, community organizations, medical institutions, essential businesses, and the general public. 

Product Specification:
Ingredients as per WHO recommendation.
Ethanol, Water, Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide
Final product ABV: 80% 
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Sanitizer Orders

Option 1 - Bulk Sanitizer Order/Request Form 
Click here for 4+ gallon orders & donation requests
Pick up at 4241 N. Ravenswood Ave during your confirmed window. Delivery options also available.

- orders of 1 case (four 1 gallon jugs) or more
- orders that need to be shipped (pickup also available)
- donation requests, regardless of size 
(If you are requesting a donation, please tell us more about your organization in the notes!)

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Option 2 - Individual Sanitizer Orders

Click here for individual orders of 1-3 gallons through our KOVAL store
Pick up ONLY at 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave during your confirmed window. No delivery options at this time.

- orders of 1-3 gallons (pickup only)

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We are still providing hand sanitizer for free to those on the front lines and hope to continue doing so for as long as we can.
You can help support our efforts to supply first responders free-of-charge via our Support Page


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