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whiskey workshops

An American pastime, not far from baseball, whiskey is a spirit rooted in tradition over time. From the original white rye to the high-rye bourbons of today, whiskey drinkers at long last have the delight and fortune to delve into of mixed up mash bills, odd aging, and handcrafted goodness with a far-reaching list of distilleries big and small. The joy is our ability to enjoy the best of both worlds: old vs new, classic vs contemporary, mainstream vs indie.

With KOVAL's knowledge and deep-rooted love of craft spirits, discover the history of American whiskey and its progressive nature. 


Whiskey Workshop - Bourbon & Rye Edition
Discover the history of American whiskey and its progressive nature with KOVAL, while developing your palate and deepening your whiskey knowledge.  

Workshop is $30/person.  Ticket price includes appetizers, whiskey tastings and bottle discounts at the culmination of class. Please allot 1.5 hours for this experience. 

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