Barreled Peach Brandy

SUSAN FOR PRESIDENT - Barreled Peach Brandy

86 Proof

Ethereal and delicate, the nose has surprising hints of white tea, wild flower, and bergamot. Whiskey dringers will appreciate the subtle, peppery entry resulting from the barrel-aging process, while the soft essence of peach will appeal to those with sweeter tastes. The meticulous attention to detail employed to distill Susan for President Peach Brandy pays off in the warm, round and fuzzy mouthfeel that mimics biting into a fresh peach -- surprising and alluring

Susan for President commemorates the creative legacy of KOVAL co-founder and president Sonat Birnecker Hart's Aunt Susan - an artist, sculptor, and connoisseur of finer things. As part of her artistic approach to life, she casually campaigned for President of the World, passing out calling cards adorned with humorous, often risqué illustrations and slogans. In memory of Susan, this line of specialty spirits is a posthumous way for her to continue the campaign, for as she used to say, "the beat goes on," and there is still much beauty in this world to celebrate.

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